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Top 10 Most Popular and handsome Korean Kpop Boy Groups In 2014

Top 10 Most Popular and handsome Korean Kpop Boy Groups In 2014

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Top 10 Most Popular and handsome Korean Kpop Boy Groups In 2014
In the last decade, the number of KPOP groups in Korea has been growing. This clearly indicates that more and more people are embracing and accepting the kpop culture. This has also led to a dynamic industry where the artists are always trying to outdo each other. Besides Korea, this new wave is also being experienced in the surrounding regions. Countries such as Japan, Philippines, Singapore, and many others are also listening to this genre of music. In 2014, the competition for the top spot has been quite tight. The following Korean kpop boy groups take the top 10 slots:
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Episode 53 (HD) | The Most Popular Girls in School

Episode 53 (HD) | The Most Popular Girls in School

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The Most Popular Girls in School | Episode 53 (HD)
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Directed by Mark Cope ( http://twitter.com/Marksimuss )
Written by Carlo Moss ( http://twitter.com/CarloMoss )
Produced by Lily Vonnegut (http://twitter.com/LilyVonnegut)

Lily Vonnegut as Brittnay and Judith (http://twitter.com/LilyVonnegut)
Kate Frisbee as Mackenzie (http://twitter.com/KateFrisbee)
Garrett Mendez as Trisha Cappelletti (http://twitter.com/GarrettMendez)
Carlo Moss as Rachel Tice and Deandra (http://twitter.com/CarloMoss)
Afton Quast as Jenna Darabond (http://twitter.com/TheQuastinator)
Jack Michalski as The Baby

Production Assistants:
Christian Galeno
Cassandra Liu
Monica Bryant
Gabe Reyna
Karlie Braufman

Graphic Art by Samuel Perez (sperez864@gmail.com)

Copyright 2014, The Most Popular Girls in School & Extra Credit Productions. All images, sounds, and video are property of The Most Popular Girls in School & Extra Credit Productions. The Most Popular Girls in School & Extra Credit Productions holds full commercial rights for all images and sounds contained within the contents of this video. All actors have signed releases for both the public use and commercial distribution of their image, voice, and likeness.

10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations

10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations

10 Most Popular Tourist Destinations

We all like to go on holiday, so find out where everybody seems to go in 10 most popular tourist destinations.

Music = Nu Orleans by Bob Bradley

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Rajshri Marathi’s Most Popular Songs – Jukebox – Greatest Hits Collection

Rajshri Marathi’s Most Popular Songs – Jukebox – Greatest Hits Collection

Enjoy Rajshri Marathi’s super hit, infinite & everlasting songs which are considered to be the Greatest Marathi songs ever! Songs from Uladhaal, Duniyadari, Jatra, Lai Bhaari, TimePass are still very popular.

1) Hi Poli Saajuk Tupatali (TimePass) – 0:18
2) Morya Morya (Uladhaal) – 5:08
3) Tik Tik Vajate Dokyat – 10:53
4) Mala Ved Lagale (TimePass) – 12:55
5) Shitti Vajali (Rege) – 15:58
6) Lyrical Mauli Mauli (Lai Bhaari) – 20:40
7) Break Up Ke Baad (Say Band) – 25:41
8) Ala Holicha San (Lai Bhaari) – 29:53
9) Zindagi Zindagi (Duniyadari) – 35:10
10) Kombadi Palali (Jatra) – 40:29
11) Deva Tujhya Gabharyala (Duniyadari) – 45:18
12) Prem Ki Yatana (TimePass) – 49:43
13) Daatale Reshami (TimePass) – 53:35

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Top 10 Funniest People on YouTube

Top 10 Funniest People on YouTube

This is a video I threw together of a few of the funniest people on YouTube. I also put in a short but funny clip from one of each person’s videos. Some are a inside jokes, which you may have to watch the video to understand, but most should be understandable. Don’t forget to subscribe to all 10 funny YouTubers! (Oh, and me too :D If this video turns out good I’ll make another one similar to this one.) Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe, rate, and comment!



Okay to clear up the confusion the falcon punch guy is fake…it’s from snl, and the one with the black kid in the bathroom is fake also. If would have known that I wouldn’t have put them in this compilation…also I am not making any money from this. I took the videos from someone else and put them in a compilation, so why should I profit from it?

Music is Max Riolo And Ladj-Excellent Original Mix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LXGFdfK6P-A


guy punching monitor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeDd61n0Kqs

girl running http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbE-Unm1cAg&feature=related

soldiers reaction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIhnjK3u4FI&feature=related

guys scare reaction http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aXQ6CQxnac

guy screaming http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6rPwhXYbX0&feature=related

bathroom prank http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zncd32-Ed8Q

fat guy scaring little kid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zp797jlt9Qw

COMPILATION scare Fear Funny Scared Maze Game Screaming Humour Scary Prank “Scary Maze” “Practical Joke” funny Comedy Laugh Humor Jokes Hilarious Crazy

Top 10 Funny Animals

Top 10 Funny Animals

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Top 10 Fouls in Football: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUFWPTBVnIY
Koka-kola [SLOW MOTION] Cola Mentos Fail: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1I9zyD4X44
OMG!! NEW YORK FIRE DEPARTMENT!! EPIC FAIL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htQ_dJOn1wA
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