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BEST VINES of October 2014 – Funniest Vine Videos Compilation – Top Viners ✔

BEST VINES of October 2014 – Funniest Vine Videos Compilation – Top Viners ✔

This is the funniest best vines compilation of October 2014, please leave a like if you enjoyed, thank you very much!!

All Jerry Purpdrank Vines: http://youtu.be/98A5AYCQ2FY
All David Lopez Vines: http://youtu.be/IrDxnjxj_H0
All Josh Kwondike Bar Vines: http://youtu.be/AwynYOm_nlY
All Anwar Jibawi Vines: http://youtu.be/mykkAqrZBBk
All Matthew Espinosa Vines: http://youtu.be/Ui4MiUFMDyk
All Brent Rivera Vines: http://youtu.be/rBDSxq0M-kg
All Cameron Dallas Vines: http://youtu.be/Ck3dgmg_VX4
All Josh Peck Vines: http://youtu.be/ZPSmeFZ-8So
All Nicholas Meghalis Vines: http://youtu.be/zL9sGkdtnKI
All Jennette McCurdy Vines: http://youtu.be/CwI9s-ViMUw
All Nicholas Meghalis Vines: http://youtu.be/zL9sGkdtnKI
All Princess Lauren Vines: http://youtu.be/LTOa5lqQrgY
All Skylynn Elizabeth Vines: http://youtu.be/mhCXwQdXc5g
All Nash Grier Vines: http://youtu.be/5IzQVIwyVB0
All Matt King Vines: http://youtu.be/IeXhSaPUal4
All Meghan McCarthy Vines: http://youtu.be/LXDW-6OX3QAA
All Oscar Wylde Vines: http://youtu.be/LV5wNMw276w
All Gabriel Conte Vines: http://youtu.be/Akn057LTuOw
All Melvin Gregg Vines: http://youtu.be/fC–L7NmmHU
All Princess Lauren Vines: http://youtu.be/LTOa5lqQrgY
All Piques Vines: http://youtu.be/–cSdF4O_gQ
All Thomas Sanders Vines: http://youtu.be/tQqlxYC0b_o
All Eh Bee Family Vines: http://youtu.be/ZNVDJqnBxhQ

Playlist of Viners: http://www.youtube.com/user/vinershd?sub_confirmation=1

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Russell Howard’s Good News- Cute But Useless Animals

Russell Howard’s Good News- Cute But Useless Animals

From Russell Howard’s Good News, Epidode 2- The Advantages of Robot Girlfriends

If you only read one webpage on the ‘Micro Pig’ controversy, this is an excellent overview: http://www.southernfriedscience.com/?p=13808

If you’ve more time to research more thoroughly, there are many stories & pictures here from pig rescues: http://www.teacuppig.info/

‘Teacup Pigs’ turned out to be a massive scam, who knew? ;-) http://www.scampp.com/TeacupPigs.html

Maybe not ‘a massive scam’, more like ‘imaginative labelling’ perhaps: http://kippax-farms.co.uk/blog/46-micro-pigs/99-mini-pigs-teacup-pigs-and-micro-pigs-all-about-them

The Cutest Slow Loris Ever!!!!!

The Cutest Slow Loris Ever!!!!!

As you may or may not know, these animals are endangered. Slow Loris’ are wild animals, they should not be kept as pets. The ones in captivity are suffering. Please try to do something that will help them or educate others.
Here is a link to a video about them: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF9-Dp3unTU
It is illegal and very harmful to the Slow Loris’ to keep them as pets, they are animals that should be let to live in their natural environment.
Please discourage the Slow Loris pet trade.
To find out how to help save the slow loris go to: Dr Anna Nekaris’ little fire face project: http://nocturama.org
Thank You.
This is a really cute lori eating something…THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO, I just thought it was cute, idk who made it…-if you own this video, please notify me, preferably with valid proof, and I’ll credit you-

! Beatbox Compilation 1 ! Most Viewed Video’s on PPLucky7

! Beatbox Compilation 1 ! Most Viewed Video’s on PPLucky7

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