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Most viewed videos on Youtube epi3od 8

Most viewed videos on Youtube epi3od 8

Funny Video http://www.digital.bg/tv/nai-gledanite-klipove-v-youtube-epi3od-8-tv1035.html

And a day after the big April Fools joke, with a huge smile on my face, I say hello and this first overview the April selection of the most interesting, and watched videos on Youtube. For the past 168 hours of internet overflowed crazy creatures.

We begin with a quote – Definition of cat on Google – flexible endearing little lazy creature, a feisty character and appearance resembling domesticated lynx. Imagine! Yes
Еndearing without dispute. Hey you …. I want to hug me. More more …. I want to scratch. Here it is presumptuous, but cute is not it?
Feisty bobcat but another time. Group of cats basking in the sun …. fouri large, muscular cat. Against a defenseless mouse. Can you imagine what carnage ahead. First attack the black giant, and the other watching with delight. Hop … here it says hunter of mice …. or hunter cats? May is this guy decided to catch a cat mat houses.

And would take her cats to chase mice. The only chance of the cats is to befriend the bad rats. There is a danger, however, they become subject. – She ‘Hey give me milk. Jackanapes Hey, mine is, you’ll paddle again as yesterday.
As a joke, slap cats eat mice … but have shifted to slightly larger opponents.

Dogs … to keep silent. Listen to whine, see tuck tail and hiding behind the keeper. And meet the cat face.
Excited by what he saw in our review last week, this cat is decided with a little help to our neighbor’s pit bull fight

Generally everything in this world is wrong. Including Canada, where this week gander abused random person reaching 100,000 views at the local level. Here goose thinks he is attacking the mosquito and the tides.

Quack … the right choice, get out of here.

Enough animals for today … see what other interesting Youtube prepared us for our review this week. Robot with almost a million views jumps over 7 meters vertically? These people are already wondering what folly to think. Robot? That’s regoliruema prozhina with wheels of cart. Well that ultimately Robot decides to commit suicide and we do not deal with success.
The real achievement of the 4 wheels actually invented exactly 20 years ago. and has quite ordinary name Hammer

Colleagues May’re wrong … this video is misisipskiyat alligator. Ahhh that is not your Hammer And it is not fitting … you purposely leave the moment the captain of the submarine out of fresh air.
But I think that it’s not what your car … and how they listen to the head. Lady of the next clip definitely had a hard day.

At the risk of incur the wrath of all the rockers – the lady is absolutely right! There’s rules of the road and he says – skip to rider preference. He has a special status! Few end it ran over, but I think you earned it.
Meanwhile, we got footage shot in a nearby garden …. police looking spectacular attraction

B3NG Update: Exterminate 3 Copyrighted, Most Viewed Sniping Teamtage (2014), Immortals 4 Info & More

B3NG Update: Exterminate 3 Copyrighted, Most Viewed Sniping Teamtage (2014), Immortals 4 Info & More

You know who is awesome? Just read the first word again.
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Commentary By: Bundy

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Gameplay By: https://youtube.com/AponteGaming64

Exterminate 3: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2nykm1

Immortals 3: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2nyntk

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TOP FAILS MARCH 2015 ► BEST FUNNY VIDEOS ► Epic FAIL Compilation 2015 №10

TOP FAILS MARCH 2015 ► BEST FUNNY VIDEOS ► Epic FAIL Compilation 2015 №10

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Top Funniest – Animals On The Playground

Top Funniest – Animals On The Playground

Animals are competitive, especially when it comes to playground games.

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Top Funniest – Animals On The Playground

Reptile Conventions! Good or Bad For the Animals

Reptile Conventions!  Good or Bad For the Animals

Please leave your comments about what you think of the reptile trade. What do you think of reptiles in small cages being sold in non-native environments? Honestly, I saw a lot of caring people who truly and passionately loved their animals. I also saw a lot of people who just didn’t seem to be good pet owners. That is an odd mix. Let me know what you think and please comment below.

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